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Cryptomander is a trusted trading bot operating since 2021, being build based on community feedback ever since release, with over 150 people who have taken the effort to post frequent proof of earnings throughout the years we've become a well known name in the crypto space.


Cryptomander supports Spot trading on the above markets and Futures trading on Binance.

What makes Cryptomander good?

Our Key Features

Cryptomander has many things that makes us stand out from the crowd, however we consider these 8 features to be our key features.

Web Based Project

Trade Anywhere, Anytime

Cryptomander is an entirely web based project, you just login to the Cryptomander web dashboard on your Laptop, Desktop, Mac, Phone or Tablet, you setup your bots and you can logout and let Cryptomander trade for you automatically, the bots run on our servers, you aren't required to leave your devices on.

Due to Cryptomander being fully web based you don't have the cons of running traditional crypto trading bots where you either need to leave your device on, or need to deposit funds into it, because cryptomander connects with your exchange market account through the process of API keys.


Have any questions?

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cryptomander 100% legal?

Yes CryptoMander is entirely legal in 193 countries all over the world, even in the USA! Automated Trading has been legal for years now and half of the trades on wallstreet are done in an automated manner. Crypto trading currently follows the same laws as stock trading in regards of automation.

Is Cryptomander allowed to be used on binance, kucoin and other exchange markets?

Yes CryptoMander is entirely legal and fully allowed on Binance, Kucoin and Coinbase which is why they all support simple API keys creation to connect with their markets externally.

Is Cryptomander liable for any trading losses?

No CryptoMander is not liable for any losses you may suffer during trading, there is always a risk involved with trading also when it's done in an automated manner however our algorithm is a safe buy low sell high algorithm which is in full control by yourself. This algorithm has been designed for safe long term gains.

How much does the bot profits?

The bot does a 1-5% profit per trade which can see for yourself in our server, feel free to join and checkout the results channel, some days it profits more, some days it profits less, some days it also does Nothing at all. It does not make profit literally every day, it depends on market state and coin volatility, it also depends how actively you are using the bot, and it also depends how many coins you are tracking with the bots. There is no magic formula that is 100% risk free and makes profits every single day such bots do not exist. That being said we use common popular strategies such as dip hunting, pump hunting and more.

Is there a tutorial on how to get it working?

Yes in the security settings page at profile there is a tutorial presented on how to setup your API key you can also contact us at our contact channel in discord or checkout our tutorials posted in our discord:

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